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Dr. Pillai: “What will happen to us and the Earth plane? Our bodies and brain and brain will change significantly, and that will be in harmony with the changes that mother Earth will be going through. 

There Will Be Dramatic Changes in Our Understanding of Existence

This will happen in the manner that a person is willing to go along with the evolutionary process. Let me make this concept very simple. Everything depends on how we think and experience; they go together.

Which comes first? Which is more important? The thinking process. 

You Have to Transcend the Thinking Process

Thinking is related to time also; thinking, mind, and time are synonyms. The way we prepare ourselves to experience the new upcoming era, or Golden Age, is to train our mind and brain. We will be more brain-centered. 

That brain and mind will be very different from what we have. To put it in a simple way, in our experience of our thinking, which is linear, where time is divided into present, past, and future, they are related. We always put the future as something that happens after a lapse of time.

The future can happen now. The future is going to be decided by you. While you think of the future in the present, you will experience the future in the present, too. For instance, everything we want to happen, we set the time frame, next week, month, year. 

Transcend Time, Ego, and the Mind for a Very Pleasant Experience

Pleasant for both the body as well as the mind. How do we experience ‘the Now?’ Simply by saying that whatever you want to happen in the future, you accept that it already took place; the future already took place.

If you want more money, it already took place. If you want health, it already took place. If you want to lose weight, it has already taken place. If you want the Light Body, it already took place. You will see the future as the past and the present; not as the future. 

That is going to bring together the cause and effect together. Now cause and effect are divided and separated. Then some disease comes.Some people always say this cancer will kill you in three months, five months, maximum five years, this is nonsense. 

Everything Is Going to Change in the Golden Age with the God Brain 

The changes will not happen for everyone. But across the board, everyone will experience things as we go along. Even right now, because we are already simultaneously living in the effect of the Golden Age.

You do not want to wait to do these techniques that I just taught you; that already took place. Whatever we are seeing in the future, they already took place. Money, it already took place. ’Now that is not real.

The money is not here yet.’ What do you need money for? Do you need money to buy a house or car or do a project and all these things? All these things you are just putting it outside in the distant future-self created, and then that is not only your mind and brain that is doing it, but then they are also related to the Earth plane’s energy itself.

Both of us, the Earth plane and the beings in the Earth plane, will together change. And we’ll be able to detect the changes in the brain as well. Simply put, you say ’It took place already.’ Then you will see how easy it is to do things.

Ganesha is the God who is in charge of this transition from the sequential time and to the simultaneous nature of time and experience. 

See the Body Becoming Lighter and the Brain Becoming Better

There is no agony or suffering – that is the ultimate stage of the Golden Age. Ganesha is the first God to come to this Earth plane and reveal himself. The first revelation is ’It already took place,’ future already took place. On his birthday, he will also birth Ganesha’s consciousness.”

Activate Your God Brain to Prepare for the Golden Age

Dr. Pillai will deliver his third live core teaching and initiation to help you activate your God Brain. During this experience, you will also receive “darshan” – loosely translated as “divine radiation.” 

Distinguished by his Divine identity, Dr. Pillai’s physical form and voice (Vaaak Siddhi) radiate the power of God.

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