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Virtual-Vigil for the Great Night of Shiva

“During this Great Night of Shiva, your life is going to change provided you remain alert. You will not be a poor person anymore after this. This is an occasion for all of you for your own prosperity: material as well as spiritual.”

– Dr. Pillai

Join the Live Virtual-Vigil

Included with your enrollment in the Great Night of Shiva program will be access to a live, virtual vigil with Pillai Center teacher Sucharita, a long-time student of Dr. Pillai. She will be leading the vigil for the entire twelve hours of the powertime. It is an opportunity to be supported by the global Pillai Center community to more easily remain alert and engaged with recommended activities by Dr. Pillai. Sucharita will be guiding everyone through the mantras, meditations, and special rituals during the right times throughout the twelve-hour period.

By enrolling in Dr. Pillai’s Great Night of Shiva program, you will receive the access details to join the live vigil, via webcast or telephone, free.



Save on Your Participation in Powerspot Offerings

If you choose to enroll in Dr. Pillai’s Great Night of Shiva program, in addition to the virtual-vigil access details, you will receive a checkout code to receive exclusive savings for Dr. Pillai’s selected powerspot offerings for the Great Night of Shiva, 2020.

The offerings are believed to further please Shiva. They are said to give you the opportunity to take the potential benefits of the vigil to to an even higher level. The offerings include:

  • Participate in a Grand 32-Priest Maha Rudra Homa for wish-fulfillment and prosperity blessings at Dr. Pillai’s powerspot
  • Sponsor the revival of Shiva energy at 320 Shiva powerspots with one kala (powertime) abishekam (hydration pooja)
  • Invoke life-transforming blessings by sponsoring 63 Nayanmar (Shaivite Saints) statues at Kandiyur Ekambareshwarar (Shiva) powerspot
  • Dissolve negativity and bad karma blocking your success with four kala (powertime) abishekam to Shiva with 11 sacred offerings


Take Advantage of This Once-a-Year Opportunity

The Great Night of Shiva is no ordinary powertime. In fact, Dr. Pillai has referred to it as the greatest powertime for the entire year. The reason is because this is the time when you can gain benefits from the supreme controller of destiny, Shiva. If you have been feeling bogged down by unwanted problems, you need to take action to overcome the karma that is manifesting them. The Great Night of Shiva is hailed by the siddhas as the most powerful time to achieve your breakthrough.

Maximize your participation in the Great Night of Shiva 2020 by enrolling in Dr. Pillai’s Great Night of Shiva program. You will receive:

  • The mantras and meditations given by Shiva himself for each of the four kalas
  • Access details to the live virtual-vigil to be supported by the global community
  • Exclusive savings of Dr. Pillai’s recommended powerspot offerings

Wishing you a prosperous Great Night of Shiva!

To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team

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