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Magha – the brightest star in the Leo constellation – is the birth star of royalty and enlightenment. When it aligns with the Full Moon during the Tamil month of Masi (February–March), it opens a doorway for the descent of Heavenly Beings and ancestors to the earth plane.

During this time, they are able to purify your karma and wash away curses. Masi Magham is one of the most powerful Full Moons of the year.

Dr. Pillai on Masi Magham

“Magha, generally speaking, is a star that has great potential, both in material as well as spiritual energy… It`s a great time for receiving blessings from Enlightened Souls and also your own ancestors. Tarpanam (ancestor ceremony) on this day is very, very special and has a lot of power.”

“There is a temple tank in Kumbakonam in Tamil Nadu. It`s called the Magha Tank. On this day, the water receives blessings from the Enlightened Beings, who come there and deposit their blessings and energy into the tank. It is very crowded on this day (and difficult) to get near the tank.”

“On other days, nobody goes near the tank, but on this day it is so powerful… because people want to be anointed with the power of the water from the tank. The water is also used for giving Tarpanam. I want you to observe this Masi Magha for two reasons. One is to get the blessings from the Siddhas and ancestors, and also to empower yourself with the energy of the star, Magha. Magha gives you both royalty consciousness as well as enlightenment consciousness.”


At-Home Tarpanam Ceremony to Dissolve Ancestral Karma

For performing a Tarpanam ceremony, you’ll need: raw rice or white rice flour, black sesame seeds, dharba grass, a coin (dime, nickel, quarter, or gold coin), and a glass of water.


  • Hold a tablespoon of black sesame seeds, rice, a coin, and a few pieces of dharba grass in your right hand.
  • Sprinkle a few drops of water on the mixture.
  • As you do this, beginning with your maternal ancestors, say: “I invite you to take this offering. Six generations of maternal ancestors. Take this energy. Be healed. Be at peace. Cross into the light, and please remember to bless me.” You can name specific ancestors, if you’d like. As you get more comfortable with this, you can increase the number of generations to 12 or more.


  • Pour the rest of the water on the mixture in your right hand. Let the mixture rinse off. You can do this over a tub or sink.
  • Make a heartfelt prayer to your ancestors.

Repeat all of the above steps for your father’s side of the family.

Join Masi Magham Ceremonies

On this day, the Moon will be in the sign Leo while transiting the star Magha. The symbolic representation of the Magha star is a throne, which represents royalty consciousness.

Additionally, Leo’s association with the King & Queen of the planets, the Sun & the Moon, makes it a highly ideal day to amplify your prosperity and royalty consciousness, and set lofty goals and ambitions in life. This planetary combination can also help you get rid of your negative ego, and enhance your leadership and decision-making skills.

You’re warmly invited to participate in our Masi Magham ceremonies, performed on your behalf by expert Vedic priests, to help you make the most of this powerful celestial alignment. There are a number of packages and services available to suit your budget and intentions.


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