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“I am dedicated to wiping away the tears of suffering in humanity. Use these MindScience techniques, combined with Selfless Service, to rapidly manifest what you want in life so you can become peaceful and live with higher intelligence. The human mind is full of anxiety. It will hurt regardless if you are poor, mediocre, or rich. The only lasting means of happiness is Selfless Service. Selflessness and desirelessness are like two feet with which you walk through life on this Planet. Every action that you do should be tested by selflessness and desirelessness. That is truly intelligent living.”

~ Dr. Pillai

What is Dr. Pillai’s approach to teaching and practice?

Selfless service is the centerpiece to Dr. Pillai’s teachings. He says it is the quickest way to access inner power, evolve your own being and successfully create material and inner abundance through using manifesting techniques. You can experience a more intelligent life right now through the daily practice of Selfless Service and by involving others in this practice.

Dr Pillai Teachings Living your purpose is another core concept. Inside each of us are authentic motivations to have specific experiences and share our natural gifts with the world in specific ways. Unfortunately, many of us become so focused on the daily demands of living that we forget or neglect our need to live with genuine purpose. When you remember that you want to live with purpose and share that with others you experience a tremendous sense of fulfillment and harmony with Life. When living your purpose also becomes your livelihood, even deeper joy and fulfillment comes to you and through you on all levels.

What is meant by Selfless service?

Selfless service comes from a deeply-held attitude and outlook you have about yourself, your life and your place in the world that gets expressed through your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is about the choices you get to consciously make each day and throughout the day to cause you to live for others rather than just for yourself. It is an outgrowth of being Selfless.

Please visit the Selfless Service area, where you can read more information from Dr. Pillai regarding selfless service, as well as ways to easily include Selfless service in your life.

How do Dr. Pillai’s manifesting techniques work with Selfless service?

Dr. Pillai says that the primary purpose of money and manifesting is to help others. He has designed his teachings to work for those who wish to manifest with this intention. It is also important to be able to manifest for the care of your own needs and those in your immediate care. Dr. Pillai says that will happen as long as you sincerely focus first on an intention to manifest your desires for others, and then you focus on an intention for this to happen for you.

What are Dr. Pillai’s core techniques, along with Selfless service?

Central to all of the study paths Dr. Pillai offers are several core teachings:

How can I get help with specific problems?

Please visit the Life Solutions area, where you will find teachings and writings from Dr. Pillai, as well as information on some MindScience techniques and rituals.In the Store are supporting products and services he makes available to address many of life’s major concerns.

What paths of study are available to me? How can I learn more?

Consider your needs at this time. Click on the link for each study path to see which description and materials matches those needs and seems most interesting to you.

The Universe and our lives are ever changing, so be sure to reexamine your needs periodically and stop back to see what new offerings are available.

Special Message from Dr. Pillai

Quantum Mind Program

Dr Pillai Teachings

This is the ultimate Manifesting Program, offered in 3 levels, that empowers you to tap the subtlest level of your mind to create a 200% life. You can learn the dynamics of mind and matter under Dr. Pillai’s guidance to manifest all that you want – money, job, home, love, and peace of mind.

Online Introductory Course – an ideal at-home way to learn foundational practice topics such as mind process, karma and thought control.