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Dr. Pillai

“Love is the solution to life’s pains, selfless service is the way to purify yourself and end your suffering. This is the way to Wisdom and Enlightenment. You should become truly, truly dedicated to become a new paradigm. Learn to love others and hurt no one, do selfless service and dedicate every moment to serve God. Miracles will happen and you will have peace.”

~ Dr. Pillai

Selfless service is the cornerstone to Dr. Pillai’s teachings, and it is the fastest way to receive divine Grace when using accelerated techniques to create for yourself and others. When you create with a true heart-centered desire to help others as well as for yourself, Divine energies become opened to you and opportunities become available.

Dr. Pillai envisions a world where every person can enjoy a life without limitations, where each person would know a life based on a solid foundation that includes food, clothing, shelter and a deeply grounded sense of safety, dignity and self worth.

What is meant by Selfless service?

Often Selfless service is practiced as volunteering your time or donating money to help those in need. Such noble charitable acts are an important form of Selfless service, but they are also just two expressions of a much larger concept.

Selfless service comes from a deeply-held attitude and outlook you have about yourself, your life and your place in the world that gets expressed through your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. It is about the choices you get to consciously make each day and throughout the day to cause you to live for others rather than just for yourself. It is about being truly Selfless.

Why practice Selfless service?

It is most important to commit yourself to living for others. When you are selfish, your ego is strengthened and you create and maintain boundaries. When you are Selfless, you become Universal, the boundaries are broken and all flows to you to become yours.

The human tendency is to focus on your own needs, and to ask, “Why should I have to give?” or “Why should I need to worry about someone else?” Yet, notice that often it is when you want to hold onto everything for yourself that problems start to arise.

Selfless service gives you the opportunity to experience life beyond yourself and your own immediate world. It shifts your energies and attentions outward in a very loving, proactive way. Your heart becomes more open and so does your world.

As a result, you begin to see your inner connectedness with others and you operate from a broader base of awareness, kindness and love. When your thoughts, feelings, words and actions move in this direction, no matter what your personal religious practice, you open yourself to the universal principles of Spirit and you begin to live a higher spiritual life that is grounded in practical expression.

What is Heaven on Earth?

Heaven on Earth is a state of awareness that you develop and express as an outgrowth of living a life of selflessness through Selfless service. It is associated with a time period known as the Golden Age, when humanity operates from a higher, more conscious level of awareness.

When you lose your ego through Selfless service you take on a Universal identity in place of your smaller personal identity. Then you will think, “Primarily I’m unlimited consciousness, I’m god. I may do accounting work but that’s a skill, a vocation. Primarily I’m involved in the evolutionary process for this planet.

When living out of this Universal identity you will not be confined to your mind/body/soul, the entire universe becomes yours; then you are God. And then Heaven on Earth becomes a reality for you and everyone with whom you interact.

Each person gets to make a conscious decision at every moment as to whether they wish to live a life that is Heaven on Earth. When large groups of citizens make that decision then entire countries can become havens for Heaven on Earth, and that is the direction toward which the world is evolving.

What is a good way to start practicing Selfless service?

Every day when you wake up dedicate yourself and your life to Selfless service. It can begin as simply as expanding your awareness beyond your own world to those in your immediate surroundings, and being conscious of their needs and concerns. The moment you commit yourself to helping others you will find that your life begins to work better.

As your sense of heart-based connectedness expands, you naturally begin to behave in “lighter”, more considerate and appropriate ways toward others. You understand how to respond in a way that is meaningful from another’s perspective while it ensures your own well-being.

The Universe responds to your generous open heart and mind with opportunities for you to care for your own needs, so you have more time and energy to send out to others. It also sends you opportunities to further expand your awareness and perform even greater acts of Selfless service.

What type of Selfless service is best?

All true Selfless service is based in awareness and loving kindness toward others. There are many ways to express it and one type is not better than another. As your sense of connectedness grows you may find yourself drawn to perform specific acts of service.

You can serve directly by doing a task for an organization, doing something on your own or finding some other way that inspires you. There are many worthy recipients that could benefit from your natural gifts and experience, whether they are through Dr. Pillai’s programs and organizations or some other way.

What if I don’t have time to do Selfless service or I already do it for a living?

If your time is limited and you cannot serve directly, you can create wealth through Dr. Pillai’s teachings with the intention of donating some of the proceeds to the needy. If you have a heart-centered desire to create for others and take a certain amount for yourself, Dr. Pillai says his techniques will work. However, if you only wish to create for yourself or your desire to help others is not heart-centered, Dr. Pillai says the techniques will definitely not work; if you want the maximum results do not be selfish.

Dr. Pillai also says that if you already earn your income through selfless service it is important to give a percentage of your earnings toward supporting people and organizations performing selfless service on a volunteer basis.