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Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Nama – Karma Busting Sounds

What is Karma?


Karma is the law of cause and effect. Karma is life. The subtle frequencies of what is going to emerge into events and opportunities are all stored as karmic impressions; whatever one does or is doing is because of karma.

The concept of karma is very subtle and cannot be understood at a gross level, as we do not pay attention to what course our life is taking. We do not understand the deeper meaning behind most of our actions. We do not have the energies to go into deeper levels of awareness to appreciate karmic impressions.

The first step in understanding karma begins with staying conscious and putting your attention or focus on the throat. Just by this simple exercise you can control a lot of karmic happenings. We all have in some sense accepted karma; we do not even want to challenge it. Many are stuck in the same job, in the same position, doing the same thing repeatedly. Repeated action and thought is karma. For a person who is free of karma, every moment is new- he/she can create a new event every moment.

Diffusing Karma

Blue Dancing Siva

The diffusion of karma cannot be done by the mind. That’s the most important thing that we have to understand. Mentally, you can make as many affirmations you want, you can write them down as many times you want, you will end up repeating the same actions and behaviors.

Every one of us is born with a certain mindset, and does certain things. That forms the pattern of their life. We work unconsciously as if we were under a spell. We unconsciously move and work under the same patterns and mindsets.

We are not conscious of our thoughts, actions and behaviors. The influence of karma puts you under a spell that does not allow you to think straight or work effectively.

You need to start with becoming alert to the core. More energy needs to be created to diffuse karma. Dr. Pillai says, “When you become alert, you begin to challenge reality, challenge karma. When you challenge karma, you are not going to accept things as they are. Every minute you are going to be conscious. At no time are you going to be unconscious.”

That is why Buddhism follows a beautiful concept of mindful action: bringing reality into every action, eating with awareness, reading with awareness, working with awareness. But this becomes a tedious task for many. We cannot even bring awareness into our breathing for a minute.

As Dr. Pillai puts it, “When you bring more attention, then you become more alert. Then karma will stop. Karma stops because you are waking up to a different dimension of existence, where you are able to see the karma coming forth, and then the attention burns off the karma.”

How to Change Karma?

We always want something more out of life. For some, this manifests, while for others, it does not. Again, this is because of karma.

Perhaps you want a better job and change jobs, but everything stays the same? Perhaps you move from one bad relationship to another? Perhaps you have money worries that never end? Perhaps you have tried most of the techniques that are available, you have even tried affirmations and it has not worked?

In order to manifest anything you want, you must break the old patterns or karma that has been created. Only when you dissolve your old bad karma, whether for money, career, relationship or even health and well-being, you can manifest abundance and all that you want to experience in life.

Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Nama

Thiru Neela Kantam is the sound frequency for busting karma. This sound was discovered when cosmic events were created. There is a story of how the sound came into being. In primordial times, the demons and the gods were churning the ocean of milk (ksherasagara) for the purpose of finding the elixir of immortality (amrutham). The elixir was supposed to come out of the churning of the ocean of milk. They used a snake as the rope for churning. After churning the ocean for a while, the elixir emerged from the ocean, but at the same time the snake vomited poison.

Siva, the greatest being, was watching the whole scene, taking pity on both parties; he picked up the poison and drank it, which stayed in his throat, turning it blue. This poison in the story represents karma, repetitive thought patterns and behavior. Thiru Neela Kantam literally means blue-throat, referring to the time when Siva drank the poison, which got lodged in his throat.

Thiru Neela Kantam is the sound frequency for busting karma. When you wake up in the morning, do the karma-bursting meditation Thiru Neela Kantam for at least three minutes while still in bed.

Chant the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam in the throat while visualizing a blue light.


[Pronounced: TEE-ru NEE-la KAN-tum]

Later on when you shower, repeat the mantra. After the shower, it is important that you take a few flower petals (or even a whole flower) and roll them on your head (around the brain area and forehead), throat, neck, shoulders and chest (heart area). As you do this, pass your negative financial karma to the flower petals.

Put the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam into each area of your body. Let the negative thoughts about anything you want to manifest be absorbed by the flower. Let the negative karma stored in your throat pass into the flower. Let your burdens from the right and left shoulder pass into the flower. Literally let the burden lift off your shoulders. Let any heartache and sorrow about all aspects of your life in your heart pass into the flower.

Do not smell the flower petals. Hold them in your right hand as you do the ritual. Imagine the flower petals have absorbed your past-life karma and present-life karma and then crush them, saying the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam. Then throw these scapegoat flower petals away and wash your hands. Do not touch them.

Blue is an important vibration. While doing this technique or chanting or meditating on the sound, you have to visualize the color blue. Blue is the color of life and its chakra is located at the throat. Blue also represents the element of air, thus visualization of the color blue helps you vibrate with life.

Meditative Practice


Chant the mantra Thiru Neela Kantam in the throat while visualizing a blue light.

Put your attention on your throat, visualize a blue light in your throat, the blue light is piercing through your throat, you have a blue throat. Now, Siva enters your consciousness and your body as a blue light frequency, and he performs laser surgery of removing all repetitive action and thought. Now the blue light shoots all over the body. Everywhere in the body the light is light-blue; on the throat it is dark blue. The presence of the light blue and the dark blue all over the body is the presence of Siva.

Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Nama. Whenever you chant this sound, the blue light will go to your throat and from there it will shoot everywhere. Siva’s energy is entering your body and mind through this blue light with the help of the sound vibrations.

Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Namah. Feel the energies of Siva entering your consciousness through the blue light. He is piercing through every gene; he is the minutest of the minute. At the throat he is doing laser surgery to remove the repetitive behavior, which is nothing but your karma.

The energy of Siva to end human suffering is entering your throat as a blue light. While the concentration on the light remains in the throat, it gets diffused throughout the body into every gene. This blue light will change your destiny, your karma. Through the blue light and sound vibrations of Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Sivaya Namaha, the energy of Siva is entering your body to end human suffering and misery.

Proxy Sound Writing of Quantum Sound Frequencies


This Quantum Sound Frequency writing brings in the energies to change your karma. It is basically a kind of outsourcing of a practice, your personal chore, to India. You will benefit both inwardly and materially.

The service will be closely monitored by our Indian Pillai Remedy Center staff. They will daily inspect the writing work to ensure it is carried out exactly according to our instructions and with the correct number of repetitions.

10,008 Proxy Written Sounds for “Thiru Neela Kantam”

This quantum sound frequency invokes the energies of Siva, in the form of a blue light. The mantra literally means ‘Blue-throated One’ referring to the legend of Siva drinking the poison and his throat becoming blue. This mantra invokes the energies of Siva in the form of a blue light, which removes karma and repetitive negative patterns.

10,008 Proxy Written Sounds for “Om Makaral Sivaya Namah”

This quantum sound frequency was recently given by Dr. Pillai for karma removal. It invokes energies of a form of Siva that resides in a special vortex that has a special energy to remove significant amounts of karma, instantaneously.