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From Dr. Pillai:

The Star called ‘Pushya’ (Poosam) is a very important Star. It is on this Star that Lord Siva came to this (physical) plane. It is also the day that Swami Ramalingam turned His body into light and disappeared. It’s also a Star that is sacred for Muruga, who is the Pleiadian God for Enlightenment and the 3rd Eye.

Pushya comes every month. We have the monthly Pushya celebration. They wait for this Pushya Star in every month and celebrate it through meditation, through rituals and so forth. One particular Pushya in the particular month is very important, and that is the month called ‘Thai’ in Tamil. It is the Full Moon Time.

Pushya is ruled by Saturn, so you can accomplish a lot of things during this time – there will be a lot of blessings.

So, I want you to take maximum advantage of practicing meditation during that time.

The 2018 Thai Poosam date is January 31st. Every year, it’s a time to connect with Spiritual Warrior Archetype Muruga. This the day Muruga used the Vel (lance), given to him by the Goddess Parvati, to destroy a demon on the Pushya star.

The demon represents karma, your internal enemies, in the form of repetitive thought patterns, that prevent you from achieving your material and spiritual goals.

Connecting with Muruga destroys karma. If you have thought patterns, subconscious or conscious, that contribute to poverty consciousness, Lord Murugan Meditation can destroy them so you can create wealth consciousness in their place. If you’re lonely, Muruga’s intelligence can destroy thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that create, and perpetuate, loneliness consciousness.

Muruga Vel is Your 3rd Eye

“The Vel is an instrument for opening the 3rd Eye. As a matter of fact, the Vel itself, the lance that Muruga holds, itself is the 3rd Eye. The 3rd Eye intelligence is the highest intelligence, and it is not learned intelligence, so that’s a great advantage.” – Dr. Pillai

Muruga was born from the 3rd Eye of Shiva, the Ultimate Karma Removal Archetype. He is the Light of Shiva’s Consciousness, the Light that destroys inner demons and karmic obstacles. His weapon, the Vel, is Shiva’s wife, Parvati. It is also the 3rd Eye.

Connecting with Muruga also facilitates the evolution of your 3rd Eye and brain, and connects you to Muruga’s Divine Intelligence.

2 Ways to Access Muruga’s Intelligence

Chant Muruga’s seed syllable mantra: Om Saravana Bhava

It’s pronounced Om Sah Rah Vah Nah Bah Vah.

You can think of this mantra as the Vel itself, slicing through your karmic thought patterns and connecting you to a Vast Intelligence.



Do the Vel Meditation to Dissolve Karma

Mohini, Dr. Pillai’s first student, has taught a very powerful meditation using Murugan Vel. It can eliminate poverty consciousness, loneliness consciousness, and all obstacles to material, social, and material progress. It also helps you develop your 3rd Eye.

Follow along with the video or read the instructions.

Muruga’s 3rd Eye Opening & Karma-Dissolving Meditation


1. Imagine Muruga holding a Vel in his hand. The Vel is as bright as thousands of suns, and just as powerful. Visualize it as a bright flame. Do this for a few moments.

2. Imagine the Vel in your entire spinal column, with its head in your Third Eye, which is between the eyebrows and a little bit inward.

3. The Vel is now burning your Third Eye, purifying it from negative karma, and making room for Divine Intelligence and intuition.

4. Say a prayer: I will never forget the Vel, burning in my Third Eye, as a bright flame, removing my karma.

5. Command the Vel, in prayer, to remove all disease karma. Remember to keep the visualization of the Vel in the spinal column going. It’s very bright.

6. Repeat Muruga’s seed syllable mantra: Om Saravana Bhava. Again, it’s pronounced Ohm Sah Rah Vah Nah Bah Vah. This is the sound equivalent of the Vel that slices up your inner demons.

7. Command the Vel to remove poverty consciousness, and then repeat the mantra while the Vel burns in your Third Eye.

8. Repeat the previous step with a command to remove your ignorance and replace it with Divine Intelligence.

9. Give thanks to Muruga.


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