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A Gift from The Divine

This program is a Gift from The Divine, not from me, I want to reiterate it is not a gift from me, but it is a Gift from The Divine who functions through me. And make available this teaching to you so that you can have the tools to deal with the problems of life, particularly financial problems, health problems, relationship problems. These are the major problems of human life.

I am Not a Traditional Guru

I am not a traditional Guru. I was one. You know, if you look at my old picture, some of you have known, but I wanted to show some of my old pictures. And …can you zoom it? This is me in Kolli Hills, a mountain, and this was me in Sedona. And I changed around 2000 for good reasons, and I am very happy that I did change. And I am still changing. And this is a picture of me 16 years ago in 2000, I was transitioning. After 9/11, I completely changed for obvious reasons because I could not pass through airports with a big beard and long hair. So I changed and began to dress differently, or I began to dress conservatively so I would be able to go through the airport quickly without being stopped.

My Autobiography

Because it’s a Guru Purnima Program, I thought I would share with you, maybe take two minutes of my time, and your time too, to talk about my autobiography because it always gives you some kind of intimacy, and emotional satisfaction for people to know about me.

I was born on an island called Rameshwaram, which is in South India. It’s the tip of India between Sri Lanka, and the Indian Sub-Continent, and it’s a very important Holy Place for the Hindus known for its karma burning abilities, but particularly the wells there are called: the ‘Sin-Dissolving’, or the ‘Karma Dissolving’ Wells within the temples. Now I was born there.

Dancing Siva

Right from a young age as I remember, I was interested in spirituality. I was drawn to a statue of ‘Dancing Siva’ which is in an outer corridor of this huge Temple, the Rameshwaram Temple is one of the biggest temples in India. And it was in the outermost corridor of the Temple, even when I was 6 or 7 years old I used to go and sit there without knowing why I was going there, and I used to go and sit before the statue of Nataraj, the ‘Dancing Siva’.

Patanjali, Father of the Yoga Sutras

Later on, I began to realize that was the Samadhi, which is the live tomb of Patanjali, ‘The Father of the Yoga Sutras’. Patanjali is considered to be the most important personality in the study of Yoga. His book is called: “Yoga Sutras.” He is still there meditating underneath the statue of Lord Siva Dancing. Only about, you know, I used to go there when I was 6, 7 years old, but then I did not know the significance of Patanjali until I was like 26, 28 years old.

Nadi Leaves and Past Lives

When I actually got to study Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, then I began to re-connect. Now, this statue of Siva is very, very close to me for many reasons because, in all of my previous lives which I have been revealed down the course of time, starting from Patanjali, Patanjali was the one who saw the Dance of Siva literally with his own eyes, and that is where he is meditating. Later on, my subsequent lives were revealed through Nadi Leaves. There are thousands of Nadi Leaves, or the sacred literature that said I was Manikavasakar, a great Saint who just went into the Statue of Siva in Chidambaram. And I was also Swami Ramalingam the last birth, who was also a great devotee of Lord Dancing Siva.

There was a time when I was very proud of all of these previous incarnations, and I even bragged about it, and some people liked it and some condemned me. “Hey, this guy is claiming to be great Saints.” But now looking back, although I am a very grateful and could learn from those incarnations, if I were those people really, which I suspect it could well be because I relate to them more than I relate to anyone. But now, I am totally a different person. Why? Because my own study is the ‘Phenomenology of Religion’, in the context of World Religions.

The Messiahs’ Commitment to End the Suffering of Human Beings

So every Messiah, every religious tradition, their Gods, and Goddesses, they are all committed to the earth plane to change the suffering of human beings. None has succeeded. They all claim that this Messiah came to solve the problems of suffering, suffering of the body, suffering of the mind, and other types of suffering. But is humanity out of any suffering? No. Still people are suffering. New diseases are popping up, and killing us. And then we have better medicine, but then that doesn’t guarantee us health because we are all growing old. That is one of my big concerns.

I Am Very Committed to Human Evolution

I’ve always asked myself looking at my own level of ignorance: “What am I doing here? I am growing old.” Although I at one time bragged about my identity with people like Manikavasakar, and Patanjali, and Swami Ramalingam, they all turned their body into light and disappeared. But my body is still solid, and my ignorance is even more solid. So I often ask myself the question: “Am I really qualified to teach at all? Truly not, then why am I teaching?” Because I am slightly better than most of you, that’s all the difference, and I don’t claim anything more. Then what about people saying, “We have seen pictures of you turning into light, and drinking milk, your statue drinking milk.” So what?  So that is where I am at.

So I just wanted to give you a brief bird’s eye view, if you will, of who I was, and of who I am, and what are my own thoughts about myself, and the world. I am very committed to human evolution.

I Am Very Much into Science

That’s why I am very much into science. Today, somebody sent me an article that Stanford University has worked on some Stem Cells and that could revive a person’s brain who had a stroke 3 years ago, and he could come back, and speak, walk and function like a human being.

It’s all because of the Stem Cells. But Stem Cells Research is controversial for obvious reasons, but then I embrace it because it is going to give us a new life. Having said that doesn’t mean that Stem Cell is not something new. Maybe new to the Modern Science, the Siddhas of Southern India where I come from, they knew all about it, and even beyond that, the Stem Cells. Because they knew the Primordial Matter creates life.  Stem Cells is the Primordial Matter. It sits in the juncture between life as an energy, and matter. Life and matter meet at the Stem Cells. It is in the physical world the Boson Particle. The Boson Particle is the Primordial Matter. So any teaching that does not embrace Modern Science, is going to be very limited.

Modern Science + Spiritual Science

Modern Science in my case has helped to understand Spiritual Science better. For instance, I have taught Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras 4 times in my life, in this lifetime. But if I was to teach Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, the Samyama, Samyama is a condition where you go to a thoughtless condition, and then to a condition where you are functioning like a Stem Cell, you know, which is a transitional point between energy and matter, and that is where you go to this place called: ‘Samadhi’. ’The Samadhi State’ is where you have lost yourself, and then there is: “Swaroopa Shunyam, Eva Samadhi.” Then you have completely lost yourself, there is nothing there.

Now, I would compare the states to a Stem Cell, a Boson State, or now if I were to teach, as I said, it would be in terms of Brain Waves a Theta, or a Delta, so where you become very peaceful, and you can measure it. You can see that, there are devices that you can buy. So I would teach Samyama, if I were to teach today. So these are giving me tools to teach it differently.

Now, and that’s enough by way of introduction.

Midbrain Meditation Techniques

And this is the most important time, the Guru Purnima. That’s why I just wanted to teach this for you.  And again, as I mentioned in the beginning, I am not a traditional Guru, just to repeat things whatever that is available, but I have always gone to The Divine and asked: “What is relevant for the contemporary human race? Give us the best one so that we can evolve.”

So whatever I am going to give you is a technique that you won’t find. This version that I am going to give you, and that is going to transform your life. So I am going to teach you two techniques, as I have mentioned. And these things will not only change your brain, but also your soul, also your body.

First Midbrain Meditation Technique

Let’s get started with the Technique.

Close your eyes.

Focus Attention on your Brain.

The Frontal Lobe which corresponds to your Forehead, your Left Brain, your Right Brain, your Occipital Lobe, which is at the back of the Brain, and right below is your Cerebellum, and now come back to the Frontal Lobe.

Now go into the MidBrain. The MidBrain is the Middle of the Brain.

My Intention here today is to give you material consciousness so that you won’t suffer from lack of material resources. That is the problem of billions of people right now living in this world.

Now I am going to chant a sound, and receive it in your Frontal Lobe.



Go to the Left Brain


Go to the Right Brain


Go to the back of the Brain, The Occipital Lobe


Down below the Occipital Lobe is the Cerebellum


Now Spin the sound NA, NA, NA, NA inside the Brain



Now mentally chant NA, spin it inside your Brain

Now go into the two Nostrils

Feel the two Nostrils and the Mouth

Feel the Tongue, and the Nostrils

Now I am going to chant the sound MA, MA

MA, inside the Nostrils, MA, MA, MA, MA

Now inside the Mouth, on the Tongue


Now chant silently inside the Nostrils, and the Mouth, the sound MA

Now go to the Heart and the Chest Area

I’m going to chant the sound SHI


Now silently chant SHI inside the Heart, and inside the Chest, the whole Chest Area

The Left Side of the Chest where the Heart is

And the Right Side of the Chest.


Chant silently inside, Spin it

Now go down to the Belly Area

Go inside the Stomach, and all of the Intestines, the Entire Belly Inside

I’m going to chant the sound VA, VA


Now chant silently inside the Belly

Now go to the Thighs, and your Legs, your Entire Leg, including the Feet

I’m going to chant the sound YA, YA


Now chant silently inside the Thighs, the Knees, Shin, Calf, and the Feet

YA, Spin it

Millions of changes are taking place while you are using the sound within your Body, Mind, and the Soul

Now go to the Brain


The Nostrils and the Mouth


The Heart and the Right Side of the Chest, the Whole of the Chest Area


The Belly


And the Thighs, Legs, Feet


Second Midbrain Meditation Technique

Now we are in a meditative state so I am going to give you the second Technique so that it gives you a more profound experience.

Now go to the two Nostrils and see where they meet at the Pituitary Gland

And then go up and visualize a Flame in the Middle of the Brain, and that is the MidBrain, the Miracle Brain

There is a form of Infrared Light there that will perform Miracles for you

I am going to give you the sound for activating the MidBrain

Keep Visualizing this Flame

The Flame is in Golden Color

I’m going to chant the sound: IMMMM, IMMMM, IMMMM

Chant into the Flame




Visualize inside the Flame what you want to manifest

Car, Home, Job, Health, whatever….



Now chant silently inside the MidBrain the sound: IMMMM

IM, the I is silent

Now keep your eyes closed


Take your time to come back to yourself

Don’t rush

Take your own time

Q&A Session

Now I am going to answer some of the questions. Those of you who are still in meditative state, keep your eyes closed, and then you can always just listen to the answers to the questions.

We have received several hundreds of questions and it’s impossible to go through all of them. They have selected a few, and I am going to select 2, or 3, or 4, and we will see what happens.

Q1: Again there is one question that my eyes fell on: “I want to manifest more financial, please help.”

A1: Yes. The MidBrain, do this MidBrain Meditation.

Q2: How do we know when God is answering our prayers and that we are on the right path of manifesting?

A2: God is a very compassionate being, he’s always answering your prayers. Have Faith. If you have Faith you will not only be able to manifest, but you will even see God. That’s what Jesus said. He said: “When you have Faith, you can move mountains.”

Q3: I lack discipline. Why can’t I commit to something until I achieve that goal?

A3: You are right. Unless you achieve, you won’t have commitment to it, but in order to achieve, you have to do something. You can’t simple say: “God has to come and give me everything, and I won’t do anything.” You have to make one step towards God, and he will make a hundred steps towards you, but the first step should be from you. And if you say: “I will not discipline myself, he has to give everything to me, but I will go and live a frivolous uncommitted life, nothing Is going to happen.” You have to take that one step, and then you should be very committed. That’s why I’m doing this Challenge, this 30 Days, why I am doing this Facebook Program. Ok, just a few minutes every day. Do that.

Q4: How to reduce negative thoughts and become more positive?

A4: The MidBrain. Just go into the MidBrain. If you are absorbed in the MidBrain, the negative thoughts will disappear. The negative thoughts belong to the Frontal Lobe and the Neocortex.

So much for the questions.

Now, I will certainly cover that area of brain training, but the most important thing that I would do is: “How to use Yantra.” The Yantra is the sacred geometry that you will draw on a copper sheet, and how you can lock in the Divine Energy inside that. It will be a workshop, where I will guide you to draw and also at the right time, and how to use it.

And that’s going to be the key, and then we will work on the sacred geometry of Kubera, the Banker in Heaven, and how to bring him into the Yantra, into your consciousness. And we will start with Ganesha who is the God who demands first attention. The second attention can go to anyone. But he is the Primordial God, and we will have his yantra also. So I will explain that to you.

I am very grateful to The Divine, and thank him for using me as a tool to convey this message to you.

Silence, Visibility & My First Published Book

Now, I just wanted to add one more thing. Just before I came here I was meditating, and the thought that I had in my mind was: “I should remain silent, and from that silence, I should be able to disseminate the highest wisdom that will solve the problems of the human race, and that reminds me of something, you know, that’s the reason why I don’t want to write books.

Some got written, but I did not pay any attention to it. Somebody put it together, this is the first that was released. And I never made an attempt to sell it.  Looking back, this still is very valuable.

And they want to know what I just wrote in the introduction. It’s the dedication to the book: “Dedicated with tears to the hungry people who end their earthly sojourn everyday with parched tongues, and empty stomachs.” And in the Acknowledgement, I said: “The inspiration for this book came from the sufferings of the billions… billions that currently inhabit the earth plane.”

I know the Divine Techniques in this book will help some people. Dr. Wayne Dyer made my book visible to the world, not that I want to be visible. Visibility creates all of the problems in the world. One consistent communication that came from God is: “Be invisible. Don’t you realize that I am invisible?” I still believe that to be true.

Humanity Will Permanently Be Relieved from Disease and Death

But one thing, I have a deep, deep conviction in my heart, that though all of the Messiahs, all of the Gods, have let us down. But now they are all with us, and with the new knowledge that is available in the form of science and technology, along with The Divine Wisdom, humanity will permanently be relieved from disease and death.

God Bless

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