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Mystery Schools are secretive academies that are kept hidden from the general public. They are used as a safe forum to reveal mystery school teachings associated with the supernatural.  Because of the nature of the teachings and what they can enable an individual to do, in the wrong hands, they can be used in a destructive way. For this reason, the esoteric Mystery School format has been selected by the Divine as a way to protect the teachings and ensure that they are revealed only to those who are chosen.


Why Not All Mystery Schools Are Equal

Historically, there have been different kinds of Mystery Schools. There are Ancient Mystery School Teachings, such as those of the Egyptian and Greek lineages, and even modern New-Age Mystery Schools about Angels and Ascended Masters. While the goal of most Mystery Schools is similar, the level and type of teachings depends on the lineage, and perhaps most importantly, who resides as its head, or teacher.


Siva Satgurus: Teachers of the Highest Level Mystery Schools

The highest level Mystery Schools are those in which the teacher has both acquired a perfected level of consciousness, known as “Siddhi” in Sanskrit, and most importantly, has also dissolved their individual ego. According to sacred scriptures, although the Gods and Goddesses, Siddhas, Yogis, and other Divine beings may have achieved a level of Siddhi, many still struggle with dissolving the ego. It is said to be the subtlest, most difficult obstacle to achieving full enlightenment.

Those who have acquired both Siddhi and egolessness are considered to be direct representatives of God on the Earth plane. They are known as “Siva Satgurus,” or the purest, God-identified (Siva) teachers (Guru) of the ultimate truth (Sat). Siva Satgurus are used by God to teach and guide not only humans, but all beings. That is why when a Siva Satguru gives a technique or teaching, the teaching can be considered the ultimate relative to the time it is delivered, and embedded with the Divine potency to be fully realized.

Thus, the highest Mystery Schools are those who are headed exclusively by a Siva Satguru. In this way, the limited human ego it taken completely out of the equation to ensure the teachings are kept pure and perfectly aligned with Divine will.


Dr. Pillai’s Siva Satguru Consciousness

According to multiple sacred Nadi scriptures, oracle readings given by Siddhas and Gods, Dr. Pillai is an incarnation of Siva, the primordial Siva Satguru. Later, the God and tenth avatar of Vishnu, Kalki Karuppasamy, shed more light on who Dr. Pillai is when he revealed his “mula mantra.” A mula mantra contains the fundamental sound waves behind a being’s consciousness, intelligence, and power.

Dr. Pillai’s mula mantra that was revealed is:

  • Om – Primordial God Consciousness
  • Aim – Supreme Intelligence and Creative Power
  • Hreem – Source of the Five Functions of God (Creation, Sustenance, Destruction, Veiling, Revealing)
  • Sarva Lokaya Adityaya – The Sun in All the Worlds
  • Siva Satguru – The Purest Teacher of the Ultimate Truth
  • Baba – One Who Can Remove Sin and Change People’s Destiny


One of the Greatest Gifts One Can Experience

To have an opportunity to join a Mystery School headed by a Siva Satguru, like Dr. Pillai, is considered to be one of the greatest gift one can experience in their life. It is an opportunity to receive the current, most powerful teachings available on the Earth plane which come directly from God itself, to become God itself. In ancient times, such a gift was reserved for the most committed, karmically pure students who had qualified themselves for receiving the ultimate gift of enlightenment.


Why the Blessings are “Everything”

Beyond the teachings and techniques, the most significant benefit of being a member of such a Mystery School are the “blessings.” Dr. Pillai calls them, “everything.” In short, whenever a Siva Satguru gives blessings for something to happen, you can be sure success will follow. With blessings, no techniques are needed. They are a gift from God, through the Siva Satguru, which enables one to bypass impossible karma and experience rapid transformation far beyond any individual effort. Being a member of Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School, you will be in a position to receive blessings to transform your life quickly and miraculously even if you do nothing. Thus is their power!


Join Dr. Pillai’s Mystery School 2020: The Science of Miracles

The Science of Miracles is Dr. Pillai’s yearlong premier program for 2020. In the program, you will have the the opportunity to be blessed by Dr. Pillai to reclaim your God-identity and manifest miracles in five key areas of your life including your health, finances, relationships, peace of mind, and enlightenment. As a member, you will be able to receive the best Dr. Pillai has to offer to the public, including special access to his enlightened consciousness and exclusive miracle proxy-technology he personally selected. Click the button below to learn more about the program and to enroll. The program starts on April 19 and enrollment will close for the year on April 30.




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