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Go to the Goddess

If you find yourself feeling desperate and you are experiencing financial troubles, while your relationship is giving you a headache then there is a simple solution—turn to the Goddesses.

But losing our misconceptions about these Celestial Beings is not so simple. After all, we are scientifically minded, logically based and rationally inclined.

So what can you do when you are at your wit’s end? You can plead to an invisible celestial being for help. However, if this makes no sense to you, below you’ll find some clarifications on the nature of the Goddess, along with some easy steps to connect with Her.

Goddesses Are Accessed with Positive Emotions. The Goddess loves sweet emotions. Any positive emotion such as excitement, joy, and tender tears of love are very appealing to Her. This is especially true if you are asking for material prosperity or relationship manifestation.  So connect with her energy through your emotional side, and watch as she blesses you with miracles.

Praise Her Husband. Goddesses are like women—they are truly pleased when you worship them along with their consort—whether He is Shiva, Vishnu or Krishna, you can receive boons from a Goddess by invoking her along with her beloved.

Offer Her Flowers and Chocolate.  Just as you do on Valentine’s Day for your loved one, you can please the Goddess with sweets.  Make sure these foods were produced and manufactured with ethical methods. For example, organic chocolate made with organic milk that has been obtained from a cow raised humanely, will be more appealing to the Goddess.

Give Her a Sweet Fragrance. Burning good quality incense in front of a statue of the Goddess is a way to gently get her attention through the sense of smell.  Most Goddesses are especially fond of sweet fragrances, such as rose or jasmine.

She Loves a Clean Home and New Clothes. Would you go out on a date where you want to impress the other person while wearing unclean, old and unflattering clothes? Most likely, your answer is ‘no’. Similarly, when you want to meditate on a Goddess and ask her for special favors, it is better to wear your best clothes after taking a shower.

Get It Off Your Chest. Generally, you must be willing and able to drop your ego and shed tears if you want you calls to the Goddess to be heard. You can also tell the Goddess your secrets and let out your frustration or shame during prayer and if you feel like crying, then don’t hold back. The ego is our biggest obstacle when we want to manifest our heart’s desires and we must overcome it, if we want to pray effectively.

Speak Softly or Pray Silently. We must utter our pleas to the Goddess in a gentle tone—after all, that is what we do when we want to ask someone for a favor.

Praise Her. In most forms of worship worldwide, we recite a long list of lovely and astonishing attributes belonging to the Goddess—her perfect beauty, her grace, her compassion, her superpowers. You can also be simple: “You are so beautiful. I love you,” will convey your appreciation of this divine Being.

Lakshmi – Durga – Saraswati

‘WHO IS WHO’ of the Goddess

Dr. Pillai has revealed that there are millions (if not billions) of Gods and Goddesses. There are, however, some that you can contact for specific favors. Below is a short list with the correspondent passwords, or sound waves to connect with these Goddesses.

Durga for Protection. When the Gods could not defeat the most powerful demons, Durga was born after acquiring the sum total of the Gods’ super weapons. Her sounds are: OM DHOOM DURGAYEI NAMAHA.

Lakshmi for Wealth. Unless you live in a cave on the Himalaya like a yogi, you probably want a comfortable home, a new car, nice clothes and plenty of money for your needs, wants and charitable causes. Lakshmi is the Being you can contact for all the above. Her sounds are: OM SHREEM LAKSHMIYEI NAMAHA.

Parvati for Relationships and Beauty. She is lovely, compassionate, loves her husband with mad devotion, and can help you find a satisfying relationship. She can also help you acquire a pure heart, which is the requirement for inner and outer beauty. Call her with: OM KLEEM PARVATIYEI NAMAHA.

Saraswati for Right Knowledge. Not only does she protect and help students, but also anyone who wants to acquire divine knowledge or artistic creativity. She is available for help through the following sounds: OM AIM SARASWATIYEI NAMAHA.

The Goddess has to live in you. From there she will guide you.

– Dr. Pillai

Enjoy the loving energies of the Goddess!

Lalitha Head Shot

 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi




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