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Dr. Pillai’s vision for the Golden Age depends on the efforts of people like you and I. He’s making a call for unity among spiritual traditions to come together and become the conscious force that can manifest real change on the Earth plane.


Dr. Pillai’s Model for Global Golden Age Forums

“I created this forum not just for myself.

I will start the process and I want several people to do the same.

Small groups can get together and create their own platforms so that we can create the Golden Age.

The Golden Age started on Dec.21st, 2012.

Why are we not seeting that? It is because we are in the early stages and I have no doubt that it is on. As we go forward into the future it will be revealed.

Every religion has its own spectacles to look at this Golden Age.

Unless we have unity among religions and teachers we are going to miss the Golden Age.

This is the reason I am starting this Golden Age Forum Global Platform


Remarkable Proof of the Power of Group Meditation

My first formal teacher, Maharish Mahesh Yogi, he started talking about what is called the Age of Enlightenment. He announced that, and he also built capitals for the Age of Enlightenment.

In 1993, he did something very remarkable.

In Washington DC he got a bunch of his meditators, a few thousand of them, and told the police department, “I’m going to bring a reduction of violence and crime in the Washing DC area.”

The police chief ridiculed him and said, “The only way it can happen is if there is going to be 23 inches of snow everyday … then there will be a reduction of crime and violence.”

The crime rate went down by 23%.

This is very remarkable. What else do you need?

This was scientific proof and the research was acknowledged by the police department.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi proved that meditation can create coherence in the atmosphere and you can create The Golden Age.


A God-centered Group Effort

The bottom line is if people all get together and meditate, then we can do it.

That’s the reason I want to do this.

We all have to get together and meditate and then all understand the value of Spirituality, the value of

praying to God.

That alone can bring peace and prosperity for everyone and a long lasting Golden Age.

We will miss it if we don’t get together and then acknowledge our own power latent within us … and

bring that out into life.

There’s a tremendous amount of power within us.

God-given power is within us, and that power can give you anything that you want.

All of the teachers want to bring in the Golden Age because they have experience in their life and they

want to share it with other people, but each one has their own path.

No two people want to come together, and that’s where the problem is.

As long as we remain fragmented and think that “My way is the high way,” it’s not going to happen.

You have to see the common denominator of all of these religions.

God is the center piece.”

– Dr. Pillai

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