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Our apologies – the February 10th Powertime Practice Call was CANCELED due to Sucharita’s travel schedule.

Please enjoy the information below that will help you prepare for Maha Shivaratri on Thursday, 11 March. By staying vigil and chanting Om NaMaShiVaYa on this Night of Siva, you can achieve spiritual advancement equivalent to meditating for a million years! Dr Pillai says Lord Siva gives an opportunity for everyone to merge with his consciousness on this night.

Recommended Maha Shivaratri activities:

  • Chanting Om NaMaShiVaYa;
  • Hydrating a siva linga

    (Perform hydration to a small linga at home or a smooth stone or gem if you don’t have a siva linga) You can pour water, milk, juice,rose water, rice powder, sandal paste, curd, etc. over it as much as possible – every hour,

  • Fasting (some don’t eat; others have only milk and fruits);
  • Keep vigil from 6 pm – 6 am if possible. Take a shower and wear clean clothes;
  • Take a shower and wear clean clothes;
  • Praying to Lord Siva;(Recite or chant Shiva mantras or names of Shiva. If you find difficulty in chanting may listen to the Shiva chants.)
  • Watch Astroved’s 4- Kala Maha Shivaratri ceremonies (LIVE or recorded)

You may want to sign up for Dr Pillai’s Great Night of Shiva program. You will receive access to videos and audios for 4 webcasts you can watch during the night. This is a program Dr Pillai recorded in 2016, and he will be guiding you through the night. It is available at a bargain price on Pillai Center Academy.

Beforehand, watch Dr Pillai’s recent video teaching you what to do on Maha Shivaratri. He mentions you can chant NaMaShiVaYa, and also the variations, MaShiVaYaNaShiVaYaNaMaVaYaNaMaShi, and YaNaMaShiVa.


You can also refer to Dr.Pillai’s Wisdom Library to know more about Lord Shiva, his significance and worship methods.

Contact/Personal Coaching

 If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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