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performer goddess of 2020During Dr. Pillai’s recent trip in India during the Nine Nights of the Goddess, a new Goddess revealed herself in a miraculous way. Her name is Varahi, a form of Lakshmi who has the face of a boar and the body of a woman. Dr. Pillai has been immersing in her since and has given several revelations including that she is indeed the Goddess of 2020.

“There is time for every Goddess to come into prominence and Varahi is the one for 2021. She came in my life in a miraculous way, and I have completely immersed myself in trying to understand her. What I have discovered is she is a performing goddess. In some cases, she performs in days or hours, but certainly not in years. She is very practical. What does she do? She is an archetype like Shreem Brzee, a wealth giving Varahi goddess. In addition to that, she also is the Goddess who fights with your enemies and protects you. She is a protector varahi god.” Dr. Pillai

In Dr. Pillai’s new Embodying Goddess Angali program, he gives a special initiation into a Varahi mantra that combines with Shreem Brzee.

Goddess Varahi: Wealth Giver And Warrior

Varahi Devi is a complex archetype who is associated with several different sects of Hinduism and Buddhism, mythologies, and benefits of worshipping Varahi. She is a Goddess of wisdom, a boon and wealth bestower, a protectress, a destroyer of negative forces, and yet so much more.

Varahi is considered one of the seven Matrikas, or mother goddesses, who represent the power of seven primary gods. Varahi, the auspicious fifth Matrika, five representing the power of God’s grace in numerology, is the power of Varaha, the boar avatar of Vishnu who defeated the golden-eyed demon of greed and restored the earth plane after it was submerged and hoarded by the demon.

As one of the seven Matrikas, Lord Varahi was said to have emerged from the back of Goddess Durga in her great fight against the demons and their army. Varahi was said to have fought courageously with her discus, sword, and tusks in defeating the demons.

In another version, in the Matsya Purana, Varahi was said to have been created, along with the other Matrikas, from Lord Shiva to help kill the demon of darkness, Andhakasura.

In the Sri Vidya tradition, or the Goddess wisdom tradition, Varahi is considered to be the Lady Commander of the forces of the Mother Goddess, symbolizing the might of the Goddess. In this role, her job is to paralyze and destroy negative forces that obstruct a devotee’s spiritual progress to self-realization.

According to Dr. Pillai, Varahi is an aspect of Lakshmi to whom the earth plane and all its wealth belongs.

She is also considered as the guardian of the north direction. The directional energy of north is said to carry the varahi mantra for money, treasure, and the energy to generate opportunities to acquire wealth.

How To Connect With Varahi

As revealed by Dr. Pillai:

“Varahi is one with whom you can establish a personal relationship by talking to her, by looking at her picture, and by listening to her chants. There are a lot of chants available on YouTube for Varahi. Keep playing the chants and mantras, and that is how you keep her alive in your consciousness. Always pray to her about what you want. That is what I have been personally doing now.” – Dr. Pillai

Vahari And Shreem Brzee Combined Meditation: To Call The Goddess Into Your Mind, Body And Soul

The below two-part meditation was recently given to an exclusive group of participants who participated in Dr. Pillai’s Goddess India trip during the Nine Nights of the Goddess. It is now available in the new Embodying Goddess Angali Program. It can help you establish a deep connection with both Goddess Varahi and Shreem Brzee, and become a vessel for their consciousness.

Part 1 – Learn how to arrest the mind through focus on different areas of the body in preparation to receive the Goddess.

Part 2 – Dr. Pillai installs a new mantra combining Shreem Brzee and the Goddess Varahi into different areas of the body. The combined power of these Goddesses will make you full, give you what you want without you having to ask, and come to your call when you request them for support.

In addition to the guided meditation session, Dr. Pillai also gives supplementary tips, including:

  • The most powerful times to invoke Goddess Varahi
  • What colors you should wear to bring her into your body
  • Special food offerings to give to Shreem Brzee and Varahi
  • A technique to call her to get guidance on a decision


To Your Empowerment,

Your Pillai Center Team

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