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Once upon a time, thousands of years BC, Vedic astrology was practiced only by great mathematicians, sages, astronomers and so-called spiritual scientists with an interest in human consciousness and welfare.

Today, more and more individuals are realizing that Vedic astrology is not entertainment.

In India, for example, it’s considered a science and one can take university courses in Vedic astrology. Also, scientifically minded individuals—medical doctors, engineers, computer scientists, to mention a few—take it seriously, and are engaged in research based on 3,000 years of collected data, along with countless, new case studies.

In the West, thousands of people every year enroll in certification courses to learn Vedic astrology and practice it. The results are so positive, that we can say with confidence that not only does this system work, but it’s being used (often secretly) by corporations and financial institutions to select good investments and for growth.

Having said all this, we will now focus on Budha—or Mercury—the planet that is considered the number one, most important business planet and the one behind the greatest financial wealth.

From Leo, the sign of the royal Sun, Mercury is comfortable enough to deliver good results for your work, business, finances and even relationships—but with a catch.

Mercury will remain in Leo until September 26 (Sept. 27 IST)—an exceptionally long time for fast-moving Mercury. The reason is that this planet will begin retrograding in Leo on August 13, and won’t turn direct until September 5.

So here for you—three easy ways to benefit from Mercury in royal Leo. And your bank account, your partnership, your performance, your business plan, and your startup will get a boost with these steps!

1. Royal matters

In Leo, Mercury is said to shine in special projects and exclusive associations, such as VIPs, celebrities, and high-rank officials.

Especially in the constellation Magha of royal lineage and ancestry, Mercury speaks and writes with authority and confidence.




Beauty now matters, too—because Venus is currently in Gemini, and Mercury is in the sign of elegance and status. So your performance at the office or onstage will get more flamboyant and glamorous.

Politics and political lineages are now grabbing the spotlight.

Leo is also the 5th natural house of the zodiac—the place of intelligence, creativity, refined taste, and divine knowledge. So in this house, Mercury can help you in all the above fields.

And although Leo is not the ideal placement for Mercury—which acquires here a ‘neutral’ status—you can expect intelligent ideas for best productivity, and financial gains through artistic avenues or business.

2. It’s all in the words

When Mercury is in Leo, the way you speak and write about yourself, and your business (or field) can make the difference between getting fame and recognition or facing failure. It goes without saying that also the way you talk to others can bring you help, a good relationship—or the opposite.

In traditional Vedic astrology, there’s much emphasis on sounds as remedies. In fact, sounds and therefore words—can create your life. More importantly, sounds and words can either increase your power or steal it.

So the vibrational sounds (or mantra) of a planet are believed to fix problems connected to that planet, and change your consciousness.

Also, to be more successful while Mercury is in the sign of royalty, try to use positive language as much as possible. Avoid disempowering words (such as cussing or negative terms) even if they’re common among your peers.

You can use the following power sounds (or mantras) to connect with your inner royalty and develop confidence.

  • For Mercury: Recite OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Wednesdays or in the Mercury hora. These are traditional sounds said to benefit your business, your intelligence, publishing, broadcasting, and gains from your investments and sales.
  • For the Sun: Recite OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Sundays to acquire royalty consciousness and wealth.

3. The technology of the Siddhas and Rishis

Fire rituals and special ceremonies to the planets and their overlords are considered a super technology for changing human life and reversing stubborn karma.

Trusted Vedic specialists are the best people to turn to for the performance of the elaborate steps required. These steps include protective measures, sound recitation, and special offerings in the fire and ceremonies to the archetypal beings. Omitting some of these steps is not considered auspicious or effective.

To increase their wealth and acquiring staying power—the royals of ancient lore performed fire rituals to the Sun, Shiva and Vishnu.

Adding steps to honor Mercury is believed to bring miracles and to maximize your earnings in business and trade.


Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer.

Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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