Powertime: Activate Ecstasy with Dancing Shiva

Saturday, April 27 PST

“The dance of Nataraj represents the breath going in and going out, creating the movement of life. If you don’t dance, there is no life. The dance has to be like a still dance where the breath goes into the pineal gland and then into the “Sushumna” (a joyful pathway of energy that goes up the spine and into the 3rd Eye). This form of dance creates the highest consciousness.” – Dr. Pillai

We know Shiva as the Ultimate Archetype of Karma Removal. He is also known as an archetype for transcendental consciousness, bliss, joy, and compassion. Dancing Shiva, a.k.a. Nataraj, connects us to all these things within us.

The Vedic priests of the Pillai Center will invoke Dancing Shiva on your behalf on Saturday, April 27 PDT if you wish to join them. Details are below.



Do the Namah Shivaya Meditation. Dr. Pillai says, “You will have a world of benefits come to you. It will burn your karma, your Maya, and your ego.”


  • Close your eyes. Chant each syllable for a few seconds while focusing on each of the chakras.
  • At the bottom of the spine – NAAAAH.
  • Move to the navel – MAAAAH.
  • Move to the heart – SHEEEE.
  • Move to the throat, the mouth – VAAAAAH.
  • Move to the two eyes, and then the Third Eye and the brain – YAAAAAH.

That’s less than a minute. You can prolong your visit to each chakra, and you can also do this meditation multiple times in a row. It’s flexible.



Join the Activate Ecstasy and Dance Interactive Fire Lab on April 27 PDT. The Vedic priests will invoke Dancing Shiva, to help you “dance” in ecstasy with Shiva and enjoy the highest happiness. Enjoy the benefits of ancient Vedic proxy (distance) technology from home, or wherever you are. Tune in to the live webcast through the wonders of modern technology.


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