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Watch this week’s video on the Pillai Center Practice YouTube Channel, Powertime Practice 2020 playlist.


Namaste fellow spiritual travelers!  Sucharita enthusiastically welcomed us on the Powertime Practice call and video on YouTube today, Saturday November 28, 2020. She says this is a powerful time to honor Lord Siva to become uplifted.

This auspicious time of the year is called Karthigai Deepam occurred on Nov. 30, 2020 (IST). Dr. Pillai says, “Deepam, a lighted lamp, is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness which can ward off evil forces and usher in happiness and abundance. It is the power day to celebrate the light of intelligence, which dispels the darkness of ignorance. Even enlightened beings, including gods and goddesses, do come to this Earth plane looking for a renewal of their own understanding and also experience.” Learn more.

The story of Deepam goes like this: On Deepam day, Shiva appeared as an infinite pillar of light. According to Shiva Purana, Vishnu and Brahma were quarreling as to who is the superior among them. To show his supremacy and put an end to their duel, Shiva appeared as a huge pillar of light (fire) and challenged them both to find the start and end of the fire. Creator archetype Brahma took the form of a swan and flew to find the start of the fire, whereas preserver archetype Vishnu took the form of a boar and began digging into the earth to find the bottom of the pillar. Their efforts went in vain, and finally both agreed that Shiva is supreme among all heavenly beings. It is believed that when Shiva emerged as a huge pillar of fire, it occurred at Arunachala (Holy Mountain of Fire). Propitiating Shiva as Divine light on this day can help you to connect with him to receive his prosperity and transformation blessings. This year on Deepam day, all the planets except Venus will be hemmed between the exalted Rahu and Ketu creating Kala Sarpa Yoga, cosmic alignment for fortune.

Watch Dr. Pillai’s Gift Deepam Fire Lab

Another important Powertime starting this week is called “Karthigai Somavaram.” Mondays are always auspicious for Shiva, and Karthigai Somavaram refers to the five most special Mondays of the year that fall in the month of Karthigai, which is filled with positive energies that help clear karma, rejuvenate your mind and body and enjoy overall prosperity and well-being. Shiva’s energy is abundantly available during the Tamil month of Karthigai (mid–November to mid–December). Planet Moon (known as Soma in Sanskrit), who rules Monday, has a special connection with Shiva, who is also known as Someshwara (the one who wears the crescent Moon on his matted hair). According to scriptures, it is during this sacred month Shiva revealed himself in the form of infinite fire. Learn more.

The birthday of Kala Bhairava or “Kala Bhairava Jayanthi,” The Archetype of Time is coming up this week. Dr. Pillai says, “Bhairava is the God of time. Bhairava is the totality of time…the beginning, the middle, and the end. Bhairava is Shiva himself. Bhairava instantaneously manifests things for you. Bhairava is Shiva himself. There is a particular Bhairava called the Bhairava that brings gold and he is called Swarna Akarshana Bhairava. He attracts gold. It a great opportunity for you to participate in the invocation.” The upcoming 8th Waning Moon on Dec. 7 is unique because it can allow you to change your relationship with Money. It is the birthday of the God of Time, Kala Bhairava. Time is money, and when you know how to manage your time, it is possible to overcome obstacles blocking your success. Participate in the services here.

Meditation: The mantra we chanted in our meditation for Lord Siva was Na Ma Si Va Ya while Sucharita performed a “mini” fire lab. We also chanted “Om Drahm Dattatreya Siva Baba Swaha” to connect with Dr Pillai and to awaken the 3rd eye, we chanted to Lord Muruga: “Om Sa Ra Va Na Ba Va Ya.”

Discussion: Someone asked about spiritual names and how to go about gettng one. There is a service offered at AstroVed to change your name to a spiritual name. Email support@astroved.com to ask about their name service



Thursday Dec 03, 08:57 AM Up to Friday Dec 04, 09:33 AM ET

Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.


Saturday Dec 05, 9:40 AM Up to Sunday Dec 06, 09:15 AM ET

The 6th Moon (called Shasti in Sanskrit) is the most appropriate time to win the battle against negativity and evil eyes. This is a peak day for absorbing the energies of Lord Muruga (a divine warrior/healer) and the planet Mars. Muruga specializes in solving problems such as credit card debt, legal issues, health problems, etc. Call on Muruga by chanting Om SaRaVaNaBaVa on this day and by pouring milk/juice/water over a vel.


Monday Dec 07, 08:17 AM ET Up to Tuesday Dec 08, 06:47 AM ET

Kala Bhairava has the ability to dissolve repetitive negative patterns that result in procrastination, lethargy, anxiety, and lack of motivation. Kala Bhairava makes you value your time so you can make the best use of the opportunities at hand and maximize gains. Udyamo Bhairava is a mantra for Timeline Jumping.


If you are interested in scheduling one-to-one Personal Coaching with Sucharita, you are welcome to send a request to: sucharita@pillaicenter.com

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