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Have you been struggling and wishing for more wealth, growth, energy and confidence?

If so, there’s good news coming from the seers and yogis of India, who since ancient times have taught humanity how to get a 200-percent life filled with both material and spiritual happiness.

We all know that the sun is a powerhouse of tremendous energy and source of life. What is less known is that in the Vedic tradition the Sun holds both God status and higher consciousness.

On April 13, the Tamil New Year, the Sun’s capacity to bring you incredible success, formidable vitality, renewed confidence, much wealth and lasting success will be magnified.

All you need to do is connect deeply with the Sun and the energy of Aries, the Mars-ruled sign of youthful beginnings.

Those born with the Moon, the Sun or the ascendant in Aries display great enthusiasm for life, as well as a strong appetite for adventure, independence and leadership.

The Sun will enhance and purify Aries’ best energy, bringing you impetus and momentum for creating a new destiny filled with abundance. A future that better fits both your dreams and higher purpose.

According to the Siddhas—the spiritual lineage of Dr. Pillai—the Sun is a conscious, living being of incredible intelligence that reigns supreme above all other celestial bodies, and rules over our individual souls.

So here for you—two distinct ways to connect with the mighty Sun and receive immensely positive energy for material and spiritual growth. You can also get abundant vitality, lasting success in your enterprises, and a better destiny!

What to do on April 13 at any time before sunset

  • If possible, clean your home and work desk.
  • Take a bath (or shower) and wear clean clothes.
  • If you own an image of the Sun, offer red, yellow and orange flowers, fruits, and light a ghee or oil lamp (a candle is also fine). Burn an incense stick.
  • Sit comfortably and in your words, ask the Sun for transformation of negativity into success and vitality. Ask for money—think of an amount.
  • Recite OM SURYAYA NAMAHA at least 9 times (and ideally 108 times).
  • Thank the Sun.
  • Additionally (or alternatively), you can go outside.
  • If possible, remove your shoes and sunglasses for 1 minute.
  • Become aware of the energy of the Sun entering through your eyes, your head, your feet and your skin.
  • Again, thank the Sun for your life and energy. Ask for abundance, wealth, health, success, recognition for your work.
  • Vow to be in service for the good of all after attaining wealth.
  • Again, thank the Sun.
  • You can also sponsor a professional Fire Lab (or fire ritual) to the Sun. This is said to bring miracles.




What to look for

According to Dr. Pillai, some unusual planetary conditions will favor more success and miracles.

  • Stay alert and look for new opportunities—in the form of intuitions, new goals and contacts.
  • Mentally prepare yourself for wealth, health, and vitality, personal power, and more self-confidence to succeed in all you do. 
  • Pay attention to signs and synchronicity—the language of your soul. You’ll then know which direction is more appropriate for you.

Here’s an example of how omens work.

On the full moon day on April 10 (so three days before the Sun’s entrance into Aries), I kept wondering whether I should write a blog on this event, and because there were other priorities and options, I was indecisive.

I then decided to check out the degrees of the planets on April 13 at the Sun’s entrance in Aries. So I made a chart for April 13 with my astrology software.

Of course, I could have simply checked the AstroVed calendar, but I felt like doing my own calculations and kept the current time (a few minutes before 5 pm).

When the chart popped out, I smiled to myself and my eyes widened—the Sun was exactly at 00:00 Ashwini—the invisible degrees and exact moment in which the Sun enters Aries this year.

Given that there are 24 hours in an astrological day, what were the chances for me to get the exact time of this transit? Not many.

This looked like a sign from the heavens that yes, I should immediately write an article about this great window of opportunity.

Below you can learn more about the sun’s ingress in Aries where it acquires exaltation or maximum potency. The Sun is at its maximum exaltation in the first 10 degrees of Aries.


If you looked at the sky on April 13 at 16:53 EDT, you’d see the Sun at the beginning of a two-star constellation—Alpha Arietis and Beta Arietis.

Vedic astrology

In Vedic astrology, these two stars are called Ashwini, taking their name from their ruling archetypes, the Ashwini Kumar, the horse-headed brothers and physicians to the celestial beings or Gods.

The ancient seers, who were also great mathematicians and astronomers, realized that the Sun acquired its maximum strength and healing qualities at this point in the sky.

Moreover, the Sun will remain very strong for an entire month—between April 13 and May 14.

Happy Vedic New Year!


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi

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