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For me, the most important day each year is the Great Night of the Shiva, Maha Shivaratri. It’s the day that Shiva gives an opportunity for everyone to merge with His consciousness.

Shiva Values Only Enlightenment

Shiva is the God of Enlightenment. Nothing else matters to Him. By Shiva’s standard, life on Earth has only one purpose and that is to evolve, to get rid of your individual ego identity, to get rid of your maya, attraction to the world of the senses, and your karma, which is the sum total of the good and and bad you have done over many, many lifetimes.


Shiva gives an opportunity for all human beings, and also other beings as well, to embrace Him, which means to be enlightened on this very sacred night.

The Perfect Time Window for Meditation

For about 12 hours (from 6pm in the evening to 6am in the morning) is Shivaratri Night, Maha Shivaratri. If you manage to keep vigil—according to scriptures—it’s equal to millions of years of shivaratri meditation. This time is really the descent of Lord Shiva into this Earth plane.

Power Of The 5 Elements: Earth-Water-Fire-Air-Space/Ether

The Earth gives you food, but it can also create destruction and earthquakes. Water gives you water to drink, but it can also kill you through tsunamis and floods. Without fire we will die. We are warm blooded animals, but fire can destroy us also. Air is the same way. Akash (space) is even more destructive.



Shiva’s Maha Mantra: Om Namah Shivaya

Na Ma Shi Va Ya transforms this (elemental) power for your use. You can take advantage of this great mantra, particularly on Shivaratri Night. Even if you don’t meditate on other days, please make sure you meditate on this day and keep the vigil. You’ll see the difference.

This Mantra is called the Maha Mantra, the greatest mantra that can give you the power of all the five elements. The five elements are extremely powerful. They are within you and without you. That connection will be established through the practice of this mantra.


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