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India’s capital is her super brain science, which is her spiritual tradition.

When Modiji (India’s Prime Minister) was here during the Obama administration, he said that India failed to trademark yoga. It was in a joint session between the Houses and the Senate of the US Congress.

We have not used the super sciences there properly. Now, the second part is bringing technology to it, which we have not done either. That is the reason why India is lagging behind.

On a personal level, the super science can give you instantaneous results, which is yoga.

Yoga Means Stopping Thoughts & Brain Chatter

Yoga, as Patanjali rightly put it, is “Chitta Vritti Nirodha.” It means stopping the fluctuations of the mind. You have 30 – 45 thoughts per minute. That’s not going to work, and all of them are stupid thoughts, or most of them at least.

So, you have to do Nirodha. Nirodha is stopping, and that is what yoga is. There are so many definitions. This is the best one. That’s why this yoga is the capital, the principal, both on a personal level and on a national level.

Thuriya: Your Super Intelligence Beyond the Mind

I want to talk about the personal level. Where is that bank where the capital is available? It is your consciousness, the state of thuriya. It’s beyond the mind. It’s the super intelligence.

You don’t have to go to school to acquire thuriya. You have to meditate. It has been given to you by God through a Guru, and that’s very important. Seek that. Seek thuriya, the fourth state of consciousness beyond the mind. That will give you everything.

Silent Meditation to Stop Your Thoughts

In my sessions here, I will give you only a silent meditation, and I will be silent. You do it with open eyes.

I am going to go into silence. Just keep on watching me (in the video above, at 03:43). Just imagine your kundalini rising from the bottom of the spine and going to your third eye, into the top of the brain.

If you want to close your eyes, you can close your eyes. As long as your attention is on the path of the kundalini, thoughts won’t come. Now open your eyes if you can and look at me. Keep on looking at my form.

Close your eyes and relax.

God Bless.

– Dr. Pillai

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