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“When we celebrate the festival of Muruga, we celebrate the path to wisdom. The Vel or lance that Muruga carries is a spear that destroys:

  1. Money Karma
  2. Relationship Karma
  3. Health Karma
  4. Disease Karma

The Mighty Sword

Worship of the Vel is highly important. This powerful weapon is red hot with celestial light and heat to diffuse karmic deposits within the soul and the brain.

Call Upon the Power of Muruga

When you call upon Muruga, he will respond in an instant. He is ever ready to help humanity.

Perform your Own Miracle

You will need:

  • A Vel (a spear)
  • One lemon or lime
  • Milk

Attach a lime or lemon to the end of the Vel and…

Chant the Following Mantra

Vinai oda vidum kadhirvel maravean

The words will invoke tremendous power; vibrations will come directly from Muruga himself. As you chant, think of the negative karma that you wish to dissolve and hold this thought in your mind.

A Powerful Meaning within Every Word

Vinai refers to your Karma

oda tells the karma to run because the Vel is approaching, glowing with intense heat and light. Feel the Vel dispersing your karma.

Now, slowly pour milk over the Vel and the lime and you will encounter a severe shift in any areas where you are suffering. Once the karma is diffused, the mindset will change.

Six Days of Muruga

This powerful God visits the Earth plane during the “Six Days of Muruga”. On the last day, he will destroy all ignorance and demons.

You Do Not Need To Suffer, Not Even For a Day

As humans, we accept suffering and misery as a part of life but we do not have to suffer, not even for a day.

Together, We Can Live a Life of Bliss!

We have collectively chosen to accept disease, death, ignorance, and disappointment as a way of life because we have decided that this is human, and there is no other way. We have to change this model. If we do nothing about it, there will be no hope for humanity and we will never live a life of bliss.”

– Dr. Pillai


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