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Navaratri (October 13-October 21) or the 9 Nights of the Goddesses: 3 Main Goddesses descend on Earth to vanquish evil forces


Celebrations happen in 3 sets of 3 nights:

  • 3 Nights of Durga
  • 3 Nights of Lakshmi
  • 3 Nights of Saraswati

Home Rituals

* Take a shower on each night

* Wear clean clothes

* Offer light (cow ghee lamp or candle), incense, flowers (preferably red ones for Durga; white, yellow or pink for Lakshmi; white for Saraswati), sweets, sweet fruits, and a cup of water.

* Recite the sounds for the Goddess who rules that night at least 108 times.

* Sincerely and emotionally offer your prayers

* Be thankful

 Bios of the Goddesses

 1. Durga

  • Invincible, Fierce form of the Goddess
  • Was born when Gods could not defeat demon Mahishasura
  • Owns multiple, powerful weapons of demon mass destruction
  • Brings protection from negativity, fear, self-doubt, enemies
  • Looks beautiful and serene even as she kills demons

Color: Red

Mantra (or vibrational sounds)

Om Durgayei Namaha

 2. Lakshmi

  • Fierce form of the Goddess of Wealth and Luxury
  • Destroys demons causing poverty
  • Consort of Vishnu, brings you all that is lovely on Earth
  • Sits on pink lotus
  • Loves cleanliness, new clothes, sweet speech

 Color: White, pink or dark violet

Mantra (or vibrational sounds)

Om Shreem Lakshmi Namaha

3. Saraswati

* Fierce form of the Goddess of Wisdom and Knowledge

* Destroys demons causing ignorance

* Consort of Brahma,

* Increases creativity

* Helps students, artists

* Rides a swan and holds a Veena or classical Indian guitar

 Color: White

Mantra (or vibrational sounds)

 Om Saraswatyei Namaha

 Get Quicker Miracles

  • Fast (consult your physician) or light vegetarian diet
  • Keep vigil during Navaratri
  • Sign up for fire rituals by specialists in India





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Goddess Wisdom

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