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Dr. Pillai personally invites you to attend Navaratri 2021. This once-a-year opportunity can bring you a deeper understanding of the Goddess and her power.



The upcoming Navratri 2021 festival is a life-changing occasion for the entire world.

Astronomically, this is a significant time for making long-lasting changes. Take advantage of this once-a-year opportunity to understand the Goddess Durga in her many different forms. She is not a superstition or a mythological character; she is real. The Goddess lives in another realm but during the Nine Nights of Navaratri we can contact her and benefit from her energy – the energy of the creatress.

Everything that makes you happy and blissful is provided by the Goddess

Understanding the feminine energy of each goddess is very important. The human female and the divine feminine are both very similar. Each has more power than men when it comes to creation, so the Goddess is within each and every one of us. She is Mahamaya – the one who creates matter.

The Goddess Can Give You Supernormal Powers

The Siddhas used the highest level of consciousness to perform miracles; they were able to do everything because of the Goddess – she provides Siddhi powers. I will repeat this three times. The Goddess can give you supernormal Siddhi powers, the Goddess can give you supernormal Siddhi powers, the Goddess can give you supernormal Siddhi powers.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai

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